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In addition to being available where indicated, any of Mr. Bhandari's books or recordings can also be ordered by contacting him directly.

A Collection of 108 Tukadas, Volume I. Produced in collaboration with his American student John Bachman, Mr. Bhandari's newest book contains 108 compositions for tabla, each one notated in both traditional Devanagari script and English transliteration. Compositions range from short tihai to paran, chakkardar, faramayasi, lom bilom, farad, amad, anagat, palli, etc., and encompass both traditional phrases and phrases of Mr. Bhandari's own composition. Recommended for students who have already mastered the basic bols and techniques. A Collection of 108 Tukadas, Volume I is available at bookshops in Thamel and Bhotahiti in Kathmandu or at music shops in Varanasi.

Talananda (Nepali). Published in 2002 and written in the Nepali language for Nepali students, Talananda constitutes the complete course of study for a bachelor's degree in tabla at Nepal's Tribhuvan University. In addition to a great deal of theoretical information and compositions of all types, the book also contains histories of the major gharanas and tabla players, with a special emphasis on important Nepali musicians. The book presents many compositions in difficult layakaris, such as adh laya, kuadh laya, and biadh laya. Talananda is available in bookshops in Thamel and Bhotahiti in Kathmandu.


A Glance Play on Tabla. One of the few books about tabla written in English, A Glance Play on Tabla contains material aimed at both beginners and advanced players. Focusing on practical material rather than theory, the book contains many different kinds of compositions as well as information about the care, maintenance and tuning of the tabla itself. The book describes the 29 bols, or words, of the tabla, followed by 15 kayadas, 26 tukras, 32 talas, and other compositions such as mukhadas, tehais, gats, and layakari. There is also an accompanying CD, which contains recordings of the 29 bols, short exercises, 10 different talas, and seven kayadas in saman, dugun and chaugun. A Glance Play on Tabla is available at many bookshops in Nepal, Varanasi, and elsewhere; or it can be ordered directly from Pilgrim's Book House, at www.pilgrimsbooks.com.


SANGAM. Om Shringara Nepal playing Nepali traditional folk tunes; 25 tracks. (CD; Gaurab Music Center, Kathmandu, Nepal, 2001)

Shringara Nepal. The group's self-titled studio album, recorded in the U.S.; performances of Ragas Yaman, Bhairavi, Pilu and Kalawati, a tabla solo in Basanta Tal, and "Peace Melody," an original piece composed by Shringara Nepal. (CD; Silver Circle, Boston, U.S.A., 2000)

Shringara Nepal Live in Kathmandu. Recordings from several different performances in Kathmandu. Ragas Kamaj, Kirvani, and Multani; tabla solo in tintal; two folk tunes. (CD; Gaurab Music Center, Kathmandu, Nepal, 2000)

Prism. Recorded with the Nepal Royal Court singer, Narayan Prasad Tandukhar, and Madan Bhatta on shahanai. (Cassette; Music Nepal, 1998)

Nepali Traditional Folk Tunes. Om Shringara Nepal playing traditional Nepali folk tunes. (CD and Cassette; Music Nepal, 1996)

Setting Sun, Vols. I and II. Om Shringara Nepal playing a variety of ragas, one tabla solo, and a short Nepali folk tune. (Cassette; Music Nepal, 1996)

Shringara Nepal Live in Denmark. Recorded during the group's tour in Denmark, featuring violinist Bikasnath Yogi. (CD and Cassette; Music Nepal, 1994)

One Sound. Om Shringara Nepal playing with the Danish group "The Moment." Singing bowls, tabla, violin, sitar, synthesizer. (CD and Cassette; Fenix Company, Denmark, 1994)

Live in Switzerland. Studio recording with Uma Thapa, sitar. (CD; Shanti Studios, Switzerland, 1987)

Live in Kathmandu. Mr. Bhandari's first cassette release, recorded live at Kathmandu's Hotel Vajra with Swiss sitar player Hans Wettstein and violinist Bikas Nath Yogi. (Cassette; Music Nepal, 1987)